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Our Top 5 list cheapest cell phone plans of the top providers of mobile services with feedback from users to cheapest cell phone plans spread the various cheapest cell phone plans forums and websites and personal experience. Nick is a score of 4 of the 5 major provider of mobile services (except U.S. Cellular) were pre-and post-merger of these companies (except the merger of Verizon Alltel). Nick is currently a happy customer with AT & T Wireless. Why so many? No, it was to create a review at the end, but for various reasons, came into play – on the move Service to college and had no reception in this area, service desk just sucked, bad customer service, among many other reasons. Nick took all 4 of the company and his cell cheapest cell phone plans and home phone. Nick areas that these cell phone companies have tried are: California (especially San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange Counties), Oregon, Illinois (including Chicago and suburbs), Indiana (in and around Indianapolis, West Lafayette, Bloomington and South Bend), Minnesota, Georgia (only in Atlanta) and Iceland Rhode. Nick certainly understand the most common complaints and praise. These are our Top 5 – The best mobile phone companies. Ridicule us, praise us, hate us, love us for our list.

Please note that there are exceptions to cheapest cell phone plans individual cheapest cell phone plans experiences ever.

We understand the different needs of each individual or family. This is a brief summary of cheapest cell phone plans the costs for the provider to 5 mobile phones. In relation to the price of individual plans for each floor Prices at all levels are exactly the same between Verizon Wireless, AT & T, U.S. Cellular and (national level) with the exception of T-Mobile. U.S. mobile phone is by far the cheapest cell phone plans when the choice of “wide area” of the plan, which looks only to 25-26 states that they are related. plans in relation to the price of the family, the family of base rates plan at all levels, the same between Verizon Wireless, AT & cheapest cell phone plans, T, U.S. Cellular, and (again at national level only) with the exception of T -Mobile. T-Mobile sells minutes cost his family at several levels “minutes” than the other 4, but on a per minute, T-Mobile is the cheapest of all federal individual and family plans. cheapest cell phone plans All other companies are exactly the same in relation to the basic plan, cheapest cell phone plans no plans with additional features. The reason why some cell phone service providers are “expensive” is because of the cost of adding these additional options / features.

5 (4b). Sprint Nextel


* At night and on weekends Beginning at 7:00 clock, which is 2 hours earlier than other cell phone service company

* The free minutes for incoming calls

* 1 year contract as the cheapest cell phone plans, contract standard of 2 years (to decide is whether a contract is a professional) in contrast

* Business Highlights – 1 Mover technology walkie-talkie – a surprisingly useful feature

* Fast Internet


* No international

* The coverage is not as expansive as Verizon Wireless and AT & T, which cheapest cell phone plans, will inevitably mean weaker signals, more missed calls, echo, etc.

* Out of the limited selection on the phone

* The merger in 2005, the plans are not as good an agreement before the merger

* After the merger, from customer service who seek to be useful down – the end result should be good news for the customer, not a moot point for customer service

Personal experience: Sprint has always had a limited selection of phones that really do not care. However, as I started my phone more and more I started (again to suit specific functions the same) to look over my phone support. The phone selection is limited and seems to be outdated in many cases. From my experience with customer service, Sprint (Nextel) was actually # 1 on my list before the merger in 2005, but has fallen since then. The customer service before the merger was cheapest cell phone plans, very good – in line bills from month to month, I challenged the charge of false claims and free “frequent flyer program Initiatives such as the Internet free for 6 months. Since the merger, in 2005, the customer service is also trying to be helpful, but it is up to the point where you want to run screaming from your mobile phone out of frustration. Sprint Coverage is affected or missing when you travel, but if you just want to go into town to work and back home in the suburbs, the service will remain in line. There is no cost cheapest cell phone plans or types of plans, Sprint Nextel, the it really is, except the international level. Besides offering the usual variety of plans and benefits to meet your need.

4 (4). U.S. Cellular


* Good customer service

* Excellent coverage in the Midwest, as they should, because they have a regional carrier

* Calling and Free SMS

* No activation fee on many levels


* Poor coverage outside of the 25-26 states that covers U.S. Cellular

* Very phone selection is limited, the duration of the phones offered a concern

* Beware of hidden costs

* Add-ons such as unlimited text messaging, downloads, etc soon as possible

* Out of the limited selection on the phone

* When the classification plan to be absolutely sure of your usage minutes, are not useful in consulting, but soon make recommendations

* If you go over the minutes, be prepared to pay big time

Most U.S. Cellular customers will be satisfied its customer service. The biggest complaint is the selection and the limited cheapest cell phone plans duration of the phone. The national individual and family service plans are exactly the same as other with the exception of T-Mobile. If you live outside of the 25-26 states that U.S. Cellular covers or travel frequently, then select a different phone service provider. However, if you live in the U.S., the fall, U.S. Cellular, as long as you do not mind the phone and / or take into account are apparently unknown brand (outside the Midwest and the world of sport – White cheapest cell phone plans Sox).

3. T-Mobile


* Low cost of basic individual and family plans of 5 providers of basic phone service

* MyFaves add-on is very popular and useful

* 1 year contract as the contract standard of 2 years (to decide is whether a contract is a professional) in contrast

* Many different plans and options – the most flexible provider of 5 and 2 phone plans best deals and Options (Verizon is No. 1 in our opinion)

* Excellent reception in some cities populated

* Easy to upgrade / downgrade plans – advice for children and recommendations with great customer service, but …


* Poor customer service (including disputes) – the five worst cell phone service providers

* Limited phone selection tends to sell outdated and, worse yet, the phones that are no longer in production / discontinued

* Inconsistent Signal Receiving / reporting spotty

* Poor insurance

* Slow cheapest cell phone plans internet connection

* Pesky on “roaming too

Personal experience: I had a unique love-hate relationship with T-Mobile. Love comes with the “contract” and the hatred comes with customer service. I used the “hatred” before starting to go in “love.” After a year and a few months in the service of T-Mobile, like all the cellular providers, I finally had to call customer service dispute Taxes. To put it simply, a complete nightmare. I will not go into details of the dispute, but the way T-Mobile about the situation of some customer service representatives, a few guards have been the worst nightmare of five hours. Yes, I was always on the phone for 5 hours bounced from department to department, with the dispute to explain over and over again, and had a half day’s work. I started the conversation at 7:30 clock, you have the math. Conclusion of five hours a nightmare? I ended up pay the full amount given his freedom. Even with energy drinks, shots of steroids, energy bars and the like, I could not stay longer, and they did not move again or something that was just because of me. T-Mobile is very easy to use applications for customer service, as an upgrade / downgrade a plan or simple questions like, do you think I should add the faves-5 plan? They will actually go through the cheapest cell phone plans, bills and check your question and give you advice and The recommendations, but other than that, have the worst overall customer service of five mobile cheapest cell phone plans phone companies when it comes to litigation, or something wrong with T-Mobile and debate the bills will. In another case of “hate”, I cheapest cell phone plans, was experiencing more dropped calls per day and coverage spotty in Illinois (especially the cheapest cell phone plans northern suburbs and Chicago). It ‘been very frustrating and got to the point where I called the customer service and canceled without any hesitation. But Nick, you say something about the penalty? That’s where the “love” in the game, cheapest cell phone plans it seems, when I signed up to plan for the family, we have never been involved in a contract. So the whole time I thought that I was under contract and I could change at any time. The reason why T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel and U.S. Cellular cheapest cell phone plans just outranks is due to their flexibility and options in their plans of options plan, better phone selection, although still limited, and consistent coverage of the previous two companies with very good signal in populated areas, the two compared.

2. AT & T


* Uniform coverage and reception – the gap with Verizon Wireless

* Wide range of phones – probably the best choice due to Apple’s iPhone

On the whole, good customer service that helps you and / or fixes problems

* Internet cheapest cell phone plans is fast and reliable

* Of all the mergers of phone companies, AT & T / Cingular is the largest Improvement

* Rollover minutes is an extremely useful feature / benefit that does not cheapest cell phone plans, offer other companies – this is standard on all plans


* Missed calls is hit or miss

* The customer service is absolutely a joy when a client or business line / number of transmissions, etc., etc., but when you become a client, are useful, but impatient

* Since the merger, additional services / Add-ons have increased (compared to only Cingular), which leads to The costs pile up quickly

Personal experience: As a current customer of AT & T Wireless, are satisfied. AT & T Wireless has had the greatest improvement of all mergers. Your customer service cheapest cell phone plans is still lacking compared to Verizon, especially if you are a customer, but I have noticed improvements since the merger. The phone is cheapest cell phone plans probably the best choice. The cheapest cell phone plans scope and the reception was constant in all the areas I visited. Although I rarely experienced dropped calls, this seems to be a hit or miss problem with others. The only thing that stands out from the rest of society is the rollover minutes. This saved me a lot of money in the long run, because a plan that I used to have with the airline allowed me to downgrade more minutes saved me money.

1. Verizon Wireless


* Wide variety of plans and options than cheapest cell phone plans any other company in the cheapest cell phone plans, phone

* Uniform coverage and reception – as the best, but AT & T, the gap

* Wide range of mobile

* The customer service is the most consistent of all mobile phone companies, although there are inevitably affected or lost days


* Do you need to keep an eye on your monthly bills – mysterious charges appear on invoices

* Customer service is hit or have forgotten cheapest cell phone plans it, some days you get great, no, not so great service, other days you get the phone and do bad things

* Add-ons can accumulate rapidly, particularly the data cheapest cell phone plans for smartphones

* The most expensive of the five cheapest cell phone plans phone companies (Factoring in mobile phones, plans, add-ons, security, etc.)

* Functions of certain blocks on the phone, eg: Transferring pictures to / from your mobile phone requires the purchase of software and certain Bluetooth functions

* If you upgrade / downgrade plan will extend the contract for another 2 years

Personal experience: I have no experience of the “new verzion ‘with Alltel, but as I hate to admit (as customer satisfaction and cheapest cell phone plans current AT & T), Verizon Wireless is the largest customer service, procurement and receiving and down the selection of the phone. A brilliant moment, the customer service was when I accidentally dropped my phone in a puddle of water completely ruined my cheapest cell phone plans phone. I did not have insurance, because in reality, I never buy insurance on the phones, but after an hour or two to talk sweet, not only replaced the phone, but it fell to me with free next day delivery. An example of bad customer service refuses mysterious charges (about $ 80.00), a value that would be said to be removed, but it never moved. I ended up changing services because of this dispute. It took about a year to a collection agency contacted me out-of-the-blue to say cheapest cell phone plans that I still owed $ 80.00 and as you can imagine, my credit score dropped like a ton of bricks.

There you have it, our list of cheapest cell phone plans the top 5 mobile phone companies. We’d love to hear your thoughts so do not hesitate to cheapest cell phone plans, comment on this list. Ridicule us, praise us, hate us, love us for our list. Got topics / categories you want to crown? Give us a message through the comments or contact us.

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